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Progress so far?

Well it’s been at least a week since I began this journey and I’d like to think that I have begun to make some progress. So far the thing I’m finding hardest is that I am incapable of remembering all 100 things on the list for me to follow to keep an uncomplicated life. Fortunately, some of them will not affect me until later in life and so I have no need to remember all 100. However, it is hard to know if I am in fact using them to help progress my life in a healthy, happy direction when I really can’t remember them and must keep going back and reading them again.

Whether these are in fact items on the list or not I am not certain, they may well be on there using different terms for all I know, but so far these are some things I can actively see myself doing:

  1. Not caring what other people say negatively about me, because I know the people who really matter love me for who I am and the way I am
  2. Balancing my time between hard work towards my future and fun with friends enjoying my present
  3. Not letting little things get to me, because I know that given time things will be different
  4. Smiling, just because!
  5. Reawakening my faith. I’m a Christian but over the years I’ve become cynical and kind of lost my faith. However, lately I’ve found myself just listening to music or looking up the sky and thinking to myself that no matter what happens I have God. And it’s great, because I can feel his love wash over me and it’s really helped me regain hope
  6. Laughing at the most ridiculous things, just for the sake of laughing

Fairly certain I could continue that list, didn’t realize how affected I’d been in such a short period of time until I began writing this. Hopefully things will continue to move forward in a positive direction for me and this journey I’m attempting to take will really benefit my future. I’ve already started to notice myself being more confident or assertive, less shy in unfamiliar situations, more caring towards strangers, etc

Well that’s all the update I have for now, I’ll check in soon and fingers crossed it’ll all still be good news xxx

New life philosophy!

I found this post while surfing stumbleupon the other day and thought it was possibly the smartest thing I have read in quite some time. Granted most of it is common sense and basic human decency, but I think that in today’s society we are all so hung up on appearances and what other people think that we forget just to be happy. So I have decided to start living my life by these 100 things, making myself happy and accomplishing my life goals, without drama and complications.

I’ll be posting on here how things are going and fingers crossed I’ll inspire someone else to try and uncomplicate their life.

Wish me luck!

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